C. elegans as a model host

Stress response is crucial for organisms to defend themselves against hazardous environment. C. elegans has been established as a model for the study of innate immunity which is a fundamental aspect of the host responses to infection. We have pursued genetic and biochemical approaches to know the molecular pathways underlying host defense mechanisms.


Behavioral responses to stimuli

C.elegans has sensory systems for various stimuli such as odors and tastes. Worms are attracted to preferable stimuli and escape from danger or uncomfortable stimuli. We try to uncover “likes and dislikes” mechanisms conserved from worm to human.


Screening of functional compounds and microorganisms

We are investigating the effects of food factors and bacteria used in foods on living organisms, focusing on anti-aging effects. In addition to known compounds, we are also searching for functional compounds using a screening system that takes advantage of the characteristics of C. elegans.




Eriko Kage-Nakadai, Ph.D.

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Food and Human Health Sciences,
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